Why we started TRUISTIC

Annually the number of people in the United States alone that need some kind of treatment for substance abuse is estimated to be between 30 and 20 million people, sick and suffering.  Let’s go with 20 million to be conservative.  Of those 20 million people only about 2.5 million ever receive treatment.  That is a little over 10% or about 1 in 8.  To me that number was ALARMING!  I knew that there were many people that never got a chance to go to treatment but I did not know the number was that big.  In taking the scary leap and starting a business I wanted to do something that made a difference and something that was important to me.  I myself was among the sick and suffering.  I struggled with the illness of addiction/alcoholism for years and in my lifelong journey to committed sobriety I have watched thousands others also struggle with this disease, including family members.  Sadly, I have seen many of us go on to the bitter end and die from this disease.  After years in a semi-corporate high pressure job where I would grind out countless hours yet feel completely unfulfilled at the end of the day I decided it was time to make a change.  I started thinking about what I could if I went out on my own.  How could I create a business that would allow me to be my own boss, earn enough money for myself and my family to survive, while helping as many people as possible in the process.  The natural choice was something that involved helping people that suffer from the same disease that I have.  After researching and finding the alarming number I mentioned about that about 18 million people annually that need treatment never get it I decided to come up with a business idea that would help facilitate people getting to treatment.  I came up with Truistic.  Along the way I found a likeminded partner, and we have set out remove the major obstacles that stop people from getting help or stop their loved ones who also suffer from getting them help.  We want to deliver unbiased information about treatment centers which is why we remain neutral and have no direct relationship with any centers.  We want to remove the stigma of addiction that still exists that keep people from reaching out for help.  We want to leverage the generosity of those already recovered from the disease and give those without economic means a chance to get the same gift we received, which is a chance and some hope.   The mission is noble, the process is scary, but the rewards are boundless.  Here’s to helping people and here’s to all those people both the addicts and alcoholics themselves and the loved ones that suffer with them. 

There is hope!  We do recover! And maybe we can start a TRUISTIC movement and where the system is failing us we can step in and do the job ourselves!!!!!  Lettttsssss Goooooooooo!