Ok fine I will go to Rehab but that’s it!

During the years that I struggled to get and stay sober I went to “treatment” a few times in varying forms. I went to residential treatments, detoxes, IOP’s and counseling sessions. I also made many half hearted attempts at Alcoholics Anonymous. The times that I would give in and go to a long term rehab facility I would go only to take the heat off of myself in the hopes that I could come back out with a fresh start. I had not real hope of staying sober. As the end dates of these programs would approach counselors would begin discussions with me about aftercare. It is so crazy to look back at my thought process around this issue. I would have completely trashed my life and had no real prospects at decent employment , I had many toxic relationships and often owed unsavory characters different amounts of money. However, I had this overpowering need that was borderline panicky to refuse any aftercare or sober house options and say or do whatever I needed to, to my parents and/or counselors to be sent right back home into the depressing mess that I left behind. Not until my last time at a treatment center when ALL roads home were blocked off by everyone around me did I unwillingly go to a sober house that was 2.5 hours from my home town. Guess what? A miracle , I started to get better. I did have one relapse but I was surrounded by people that I only knew from sobriety and I injected myself right back into that environment and it stuck. 30 days of treatment is just the beginning think about aftercare for you or your loved one that is suffering from this disease. Get a commitment and hold the line. It works!! And it saves lives!!

Grateful Recovered Alcoholic and Drug Addict