No money No treatment – the shame of a nation

I am beyond frustrated.  We set out to help millions of people get to treatment that never get a chance. Every year in this country many suffer and die because they could not get help.  Economic reasons are the #1 reason that people don’t make it to rehab.  I am following my dream to help people and I am putting my own future on the line (and happy to do so).  But I am frustrated, there are so many people reaching out to me that have nothing and need my help.  I have found a way to help some and will continue to work to help more but there are so few options.  It does not make sense to me, there are very large corporations that lied about the addictive nature of the medications they pumped into big cities and small towns.  They filled our medicine cabinets with heroin in a pill form.  Government officials accept and continue to support biased research about addiction and its treatment and what do you know??? At the center of this “solution” is a pill manufactured by a pharmaceutical company that will make billions in the name of solving a problem another big pharma company made billions off of causing.  Here we are, facing unprecedented addiction across the country, record overdoses and wrecked lives of sufferers and their loved ones and I cannot find place for someone who just needs detox and long-term treatment because he has no money.    It’s laughable, there is money around and it should be shared to help solve this problem.  I aim to get it and give it to those that need it but it is a long uphill battle that I have just started.  I am frustrated, angry, pissed, scared, lost and having a moment.  This is a disease, I have it as many of us do.  We should have treatment for it and get access as many times as we need, whatever it takes!  We get well, we recover, we just need a chance and some help like anyone else out there with a debilitating illness!