My Cellphone was Magical

I can remember so many times when I would be going through withdrawal and just praying for someone to answer their cell phone. My hands would be sweating, my legs would ache, and I wanted to rip my skin off. Text message after text message, call after call, I would lay on my parents’ couch hoping to see my phone vibrate. To pass the time I would take a hot shower, take a cold shower, walk around the block, but I would always pay attention to my cell phone. There were times where I could guarantee that it rang and in that instant my pain would leave. I would hop off the couch, get my keys, and check
my phone to see where I would be heading. Within an instant I would be back on the couch suffering because no one called or texted. My mind created the allusion that my suffering would end by the magical vibration of a cell phone. This would go on for hours and hours, with each passing minute
feeling like a lifetime…then, vibration. Everything that I had just felt a second ago was gone. I would be in my car so happy because I knew I was going to get high. Driving home was such a great time for me, but for the people at home, it was a nightmare. I would sit back down on the couch, turn on the
television and think how great this is. What I wouldn’t think about was my mother sick to her stomach and crying all night, my father having trouble breathing, my siblings just praying this would all end. But,
none of it mattered to me, I was good…I had my cell phone providing my relief.