Truistic Glossary of Terms

Aftercare – Aftercare is a natural next step after inpatient primary treatment or “Rehab”. Typically, the level of structure at each aftercare facility varies. We want to provide you with the most relevant, accurate and unbiased information so you can choose what is best for you or your loved one. In general aftercares are residential facilities where there is some level of freedom to come and go but there are also staff members or house managers to ensure the environment remains conducive to continued recovery from substance abuse.

Detox – To start you should look to be admitted to a facility that provides professional detoxification. This will be indicated by a “Detox” tag on the results page if the facility provides that service

Rehab – The next step will be what is most commonly referred to as “Rehab”. This will be inpatient primary treatment with a duration of approximately 30 days. If a facility offers this service it will be indicated on our website with the tag “Rehab”.

Therapy – we recommend that you investigate whether therapy is right for you throughout the entire recovery process and beyond. It is a very common offering at many facilities and many take advantage of it’s benefits.